Membership Types

Full Membership

Available to any resident with a home within a 25 mile radius of the club.

Full Country Membership

Available to any resident whose home is outside the 25 mile radius.

Clubhouse Membership

Available to those who wish to use the clubhouse but not the sporting facilities.

Junior Membership

Available to youngsters over 15 years and not older than 30 years. 

Temporary Membership

Available to visitors who may wish to use the club facilities for a period of 30 consecutive days.

Daily Membership

Available to visitors and guests of members.

Reciprocating Membership

Available to members of other clubs who reciprocate with Malindi Golf & Country Club.  Such members may use our facilities for a period of twenty-eight days in twelve consecutive months, without entrance fees and without being proposed and seconded.

Corporate Membership

Available to companies and allows a named number of their employees access to the club.

Hotel membership

Available to local hotels and entitles guests of that hotel to use the club facilities on payment of reduced green fees.

How to become a Member

New members may be proposed and seconded by existing members and are elected upon filling an application form and payment of a non refundable entry fee.

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